Laura Oatman to Address Club October 18th!


Laura Oatman, a candidate challenging Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in the 48th Congressional district, will be the featured speaker on Wednesday, October 18th at 1:00 p.m. in Clubhouse 4.  As always, there will be facilitated informal discussions and a brown bag luncheon at 12:15 p.m. 

Laura Oatman, a local business owner, mother, and community leader became active in politics after the election.  She was inspired to go into public service by walking with her daughter in the Washington D.C. Women’s March in January. 

Oatman names climate change as the number one issue that led her to become a candidate for the 48th.  She states that “97% of scientists agree that manmade global greenhouse gas emissions are contributing significantly to climate change” and she views it as a significant threat.  Her approach is to “think globally and act locally.”  Just as the Club is working to promote a climate action plan with community choice energy for the City of Seal Beach, Laura Oatman believes that all cities in our district should reduce carbon emissions using these approaches.

She believes that heath care is a right and not a privilege and supports a transition to a universal, single-payer health care system to include dental, vision and mental health care.

Oatman sees our economy as shifting due to the “combined forces of technology, globalization and climate change” and she advocates the need for a social safety net as a result of the rapid rate of change that society faces.  To meet the growing challenges, she believes in education that prepares us for jobs of the future and radical entrepreneurship while maintaining a protective stance toward the planet.  She promotes “policies that create incentives and streamline tax structures.” 


Harley Rouda to Speak at Club Meeting on September 20th


Harley Rouda

Harley Rouda, widely recognized as one of the leading candidates challenging Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in the 48th Congressional district, will address the SBLW Democratic Club on Wednesday, September 20th at 1:00 p.m. in Clubhouse 4.  Rouda, a Laguna Beach real estate businessman and attorney, received his MBA from The Ohio State University and his J.D. from Capital University Law School.  He announced his candidacy for the 48th seat on March 3rd  

Rouda has indicated that he would run a campaign based on the notion of “moving our country back to the center.”   Growing up as a Republican, he feels that the Democratic Party better represents his current perspective.  Indeed, he supports traditional Democratic issues such as gay marriage, abortion rights and immigration reform that would include a path to citizenship for most of those that are here illegally.  His views on health care policy are based on a belief that healthcare coverage is a right for every American.  Leisure World Democrats & friends wishing to learn more about Rouda are encouraged to bring questions to the September 20th meeting.  More information can also be found on the Club website:

Laura Oatman, another Democratic candidate for the 48th, will be the Club’s featured speaker on October 18 in Clubhouse 4 at 1:00 p.m.


Record Crowd to Hear Dr. Hans Keirstead at August 16th Meeting!

Record Crowd at August 16th Dem Club Meeting!

 A record crowd turned out to hear Dr. Hans Keirstead speak at the August 16th Democratic Club Meeting.  Dr. Keirstead, one of the leading Democratic candidates for Congress in the 48th congressional district, shared his personal and professional history and explained why he is running.  He responded to questions freely throughout the presentation and stayed afterward to talk with individuals about their concerns.

Dr. Keirstead grew up in Canada and was schooled in England.  He came to the United States seventeen years ago with nothing and knew right away that he would never leave. He studied, taught and became a renown stem cell researcher—launching and selling several biotech companies.  As he described it, he worked hard for his accomplishments while, at the same time, being very aware of the opportunities that this country provided for him.  He referred to himself as a “serial entrepreneur.”  He went on to say that he came to California for its beauty as well as for the infrastructure.   From his perspective, California leads the world with initiative and is the “American dream realized”.

During his presentation, Dr. Keirstead addressed health care extensively, beginning with a well-received declaration that everyone in the United States needs and deserves affordable health care.  He made it clear that he views a single payer system as the ultimate goal but that the price tag involved with jumping into it immediately is not politically realistic given the current cost estimates.  He believes that a gradual step by step approach to such a system would be ideal and that addressing the inefficiency in the current health care system would be the way to begin.  He also strongly embraced the idea of bipartisan efforts to resolve this challenge.

From his work at UCI, Dr. Keirstead is also keenly aware of the challenges faced by our young people.   He spoke of the need to focus attention on the educational system.   He stressed the need to give students time to find the right jobs after graduating without being burdened with large tuition debts on which they are expected to immediately begin making payments with interest at market rate.  He is also currently working with the Dean of the UCI law school to design local internships for students while they are still in school which would allow universities to help integrate them into the community.

Dr. Keirstead went on to address Climate Change, stating that 96% of scientists – including himself – believe that climate change is real and that humans are responsible.  He raised the question that, even if all of the scientists are wrong, “shouldn’t we be doing something to improve the situation?”

More issues were discussed ranging from business development to mental health.  Please check the Club’s website for more informal notes on Dr. Keirstead’s presentation:

Save the dates!  The Club will host more candidates for the 48th Congressional District in the coming months.  On September 20, Harley Rouda will visit the Club to present his views and on October 18 it will be Laura Oatman.  Both presentations will be in Clubhouse 4 at 1:00 pm.

Dr. Hans Keirstead, Candidate for the 48th Congressional District, Attends Dem Club Fundraiser Amid National Notoriety


 Dr. Hans Keirstead, considered by many to be one of the leading candidates for Congress in the 48th congressional district, was among the many distinguished guests attending the SBLW Democrat Club’s July 29th fundraiser. He will also be the featured speaker at the next membership meeting on August 16 in Clubhouse 4 at 1:00 pm.

 Dr. Keirstead, along with other 48th congressional district candidates as well as the district itself, recently received national publicity from nonpartisan analysts at the University of Virginia Center for Politics who reported that the race for Dana Rohrabacher’s House seat representing Orange County is now a toss-up.

The University’s Center for Politics, Larry J. Sabato’s Crystal Ball features detailed and frequently updated analysis for elections across the country. The Crystal Ball which keeps tabs on presidential elections, along with every Senate and gubernatorial race, as well as the tightest campaigns for the House has been a leader in accurately predicting elections since its inception.

More information about Dr. Keirstead’s distinguished career can be found in last week’s LW Weekly.   All Leisure World Democrats are welcome to attend the 1 p.m., August 16 meeting as well as the informal “bring your own lunch” roundtable discussions beginning at 12:15.

In other Club news, the Local Politics Task Force is working with the Democratic Club of Seal Beach in planning for a local community-wide Climate Change Advocacy Training centered around the topics of Climate Action Plans and Community Choice Energy.  All interested LW Clubs as well as residents interested in becoming involved or in co-sponsoring this climate change advocacy training should contact Laura Wilson at


Democratic Club Organizes Issue-based Task Forces


Health Care Task Force Chair Dale Lieberfarb

Organized in response to last fall’s election, the Seal Beach Leisure World Democratic Club’s ad-hoc Action Team has successfully completed the task of organizing three ongoing issue-based task forces: Health Care chaired by Dale Lieberfarb, Local Politics chaired by Jacquie Clarke & Laura Wilson and Environment chaired by Rachael Lehmberg.  Please email the chairs of the respective committees to become involved at

Environmental Task Force Chair Rachael Lehmberg

Club members are invited to consider organizing additional task forces such as education, women’s rights, social justice or any other topic of interest.  During its Aug. 5th meeting, the Club’s board members voted unanimously to begin direct sponsorship of all existing and potential board-approved issue-based task forces.  Former Action Team chair Dale Lieberfarb has agreed to consult with any task force that asks for her assistance.  The Board’s ad-hoc Policies and Procedures Committee will draft further guidelines for the organization and operation of the task forces.


Local Politics Task Force Chairs Laura Wilson & Jacquie Clark

Democrats to Address Human Trafficking in Orange County




Joy Prim

Local community activist Joy Prim will present an update on human trafficking in Orange County during the Leisure World Democratic Club upcoming meeting on Wednesday, July 19th in Clubhouse 3, Room 2 at 1:00.  All Leisure World Democrats as well as Club members and guests are also welcome to bring a brown bag lunch for informal round table discussions beginning at 12:15.

Joy Prim, originally from North Carolina, was commissioned in 2011 to serve as a intern in Hong Kong where she worked with migrant workers, 98 percent of whom are women who are subject to overwork, underpay, and sexual or physical abuse.

In 2013, Joy was reassigned as an outreach associate at the Filipino Migrant Center in Long Beach. With the ongoing immigration debate here in the United States, she soon found herself again heavily involved in community organizing for migrant rights.   Many of her clients were victims of labor trafficking who found themselves working in hotels as housekeepers or as caregivers for aging Americans. “I saw the same type of exploitation in Long Beach that I saw in Hong Kong,” Prim shares.

At the end of her three-year assignment, Joy’s passion for justice lead her to resign from her intern position in order to stay on at the Migrant Center.  Her current assignment is working with human trafficking victims in Orange County.


Fundraiser update!  Leisure World’s own professional pianist Hank Barto has agreed to play a few tunes and accompany singer Eva Gantz at the Club’s July 29th fundraising brunch!  California Senator Ed Hernandez, and expert on health care legislation will be the featured speaker.  All Leisure World Democrats, their families, and friends are invited to attend.  Tickets are $25. each and $125. per table of six.  Reservations are required and can be obtained by emailing us at


Singer/Songwriter to Entertain at Fundraiser



Preparations are in full swing for the LW Democratic Club’s summer fundraising brunch to be held Saturday, July 29th at 10:00 a.m. in Clubhouse 4.  Eva Gantz, a singer/songwriter from San Francisco, will entertain.  Eva’s musical style is fresh and jazzy, and she’ll be performing a few classic pieces.  Fun fact: Eva is also Club V.P. Laura Wilson’s daughter!  Like her mother, Eva is passionate about social change and delighted to help raise money for progressive causes.  Keynote speaker for the event will be California Senator Ed Hernandez.    In addition, all announced Democratic candidates who will be seeking support from Leisure World voters in the June 2018 primary are being invited to attend and be introduced.  Tickets cost $25 for individuals and $125 for a table of six that includes family or other non-members.  Reservations are required and can be made by sending an email to

In further preparation for next year’s primary election, the Club is also in the process of securing prospective candidates as guest speakers for their fall monthly membership meetings.  In an effort to fully investigate the candidates’ perspectives on the issues, current plans call for dedicating a full meeting for each presenter.  Dr. Hans Keirstead (for Congress in the 48th) has been confirmed for our meeting on August 16, Harley Rouda is scheduled for September 20th and Laura Oatman will be speaking on October 18th!  The Club extends a hearty welcome to these three candidates!

An overflow crowd turned out at the Club’s June 21st membership meeting to hear Stephanie Campbell speak on the Politics of Religious Liberties.  In an engaging presentation, Ms. Campbell seamlessly wove together various themes, ranging from the First Amendment’s religious clauses to climate change.  She was warmly received by an appreciative audience.  Please see the menu option for a follow-up action on the Johnson Act!