Democratic Club Organizes Issue-based Task Forces


Health Care Task Force Chair Dale Lieberfarb

Organized in response to last fall’s election, the Seal Beach Leisure World Democratic Club’s ad-hoc Action Team has successfully completed the task of organizing three ongoing issue-based task forces: Health Care chaired by Dale Lieberfarb, Local Politics chaired by Jacquie Clarke & Laura Wilson and Environment chaired by Rachael Lehmberg.  Please email the chairs of the respective committees to become involved at

Environmental Task Force Chair Rachael Lehmberg

Club members are invited to consider organizing additional task forces such as education, women’s rights, social justice or any other topic of interest.  During its Aug. 5th meeting, the Club’s board members voted unanimously to begin direct sponsorship of all existing and potential board-approved issue-based task forces.  Former Action Team chair Dale Lieberfarb has agreed to consult with any task force that asks for her assistance.  The Board’s ad-hoc Policies and Procedures Committee will draft further guidelines for the organization and operation of the task forces.


Local Politics Task Force Chairs Laura Wilson & Jacquie Clark


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