Leisure World Dems Reflect on Women’s March


(From left to right) Laura Akeley, Linda Larson, Democratic Club President Mary Larson

On Sat., Jan. 21, a Democratic Club chartered bus filled with passionate and energetic Club members & friends traveled to Santa Ana to participate in the Women’s March on Washington Orange County.  They joined 20,000 other marchers including Club President Mary Larson who was there with her daughter and granddaughter to proclaim, “This Three Generation Family Says Women’s Rights are Human Rights”.

Millions of people participated in similar marches around the world in a “women-led movement bringing together people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations, disabilities, and backgrounds.”   

Among passengers on the Leisure World bus was 91 year old Sylvia Manheim who found the experience to be “…inspiring and important to walk together not only for women’s’ rights, but for human rights.” Sylvia’s daughter, actress/producer Cameryn Manheim, spoke at the LA Women’s March.  California’s new Senator Kamala Harris spoke at the Washington DC march, pointing out how many diverse issues such as the economy, climate change and national security are women’s issues. 

Club member Marilyn Austin said that she felt great happiness to be a part of the march just as she had when she joined the Equal Rights March on Washington in 1978!  Barbara Dumont walked with her husband Gary and granddaughter.  “I came to make a public stand for human rights and to show my granddaughter how we can make change in a democracy.”  Linda Palitz joined the march because “We have fought for these rights for too long to allow them to be taken away.”  She felt that the entire event in Santa Ana was so moving that she will never forget it.  Club member Pat Fuji said that she and her daughter attended the march because they are “deeply concerned about the direction of the country.”

When asked why she attended the Women’s March, chair of Leisure World’s Senior Patriots for Peace Nancy Goldstein commented, “…so many things such as human rights, the environment and international relations are at dire risk that I feel I cannot stand by silently and wait to see what happens.”

During the Democratic Club’s Membership Meeting on February 15th, Sherri Loveland, one of the Orange County March organizers, will lead a discussion of The Women’s March on Washington and the movement going forward.   The meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2.


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