SBLW Dems Elect 2017 Board


On Wed., Jan 18th, a spirited and hungry group of Democrats gathered for their annual meeting to elect the 2017 SBLW Democratic Club board while sharing a tempting variety of potluck dishes!


 2017 Club President Mary Larson

Current President Mary Larson will continue in that position for another year.  Laura Wilson will continue to serve as publicity chair as well as assuming the position of vice-chair.   The Club’s 2016 vice-chair, Beverly Emus, will be concentrating her efforts on hospitality throughout the coming year. Lifelong Democrat and activist, Dale Lieberfarb, will continue to be in charge of a year-round voter registration drive.  Reelected board member Betty Kobata will take over responsibility for special events from JoAnn England who will begin handing the Club’s correspondence.  Rachel Lehmberg, who had been appointed to fill a vacancy on the 2016 board, will continue as program chair.  Diane Thompson and Dolores Volpe will both continue as members-at-large. 

New to the board will be Mary Romero as Club secretary and Mary Tromp as treasurer.  Kay Carlson has already assumed her role as membership chair.  Lew Parker will be keeping Club members informed about legislative issues and Colette Greenwood will be responsible for coordinating  the volunteers who notify Club members by phone of upcoming meetings and special events.

In addition to electing a new board, approving updated bylaws and receiving a variety of reports, the Club hosted Diana Carey, the newly elected DPOC Western Orange County Vice Chair.  Ms. Carey stressed the need for Club members to become involved in the political process at the local level through doing research, strategic planning, and taking action.  She emphasized the importance of writing letters to elected officials at all levels, regardless of their political affiliation.  Her talk was well-received and generated questions and discussion.  In thanking Ms. Carey, President Larson expressed the hope that this was only the first of many visits to the Club from Ms. Carey and other Democratic Party of Orange County leaders during the coming year!



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