Politics and the Criminal Justice System

The Rev. Frank Wulf, chair of a newly formed Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice Action Network, will be the featured speaker at Leisure World’s Democratic Club monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 19 at 1:00 in Clubhouse 4.  Club members are invited to be part of “Bring Your Own Lunch Facilitated Discussions” beginning at 12:15.

Incarceration rates in this country have soared as politicians, seeking to appear ‘tough on crime,’ have legislated increasingly draconian measures on the promise that they would make America safer. And yet, Americans did not feel safer. Americans have succumbed to fear even when statistics showed that the actual number of violent crimes was diminishing.   And, prison populations kept rising.

The so-called war on drugs only makes matters worse.  Politicians, political candidates and the media chose to portray the nation’s drug problem as a matter of crime rather than public health. As a result, people who should have been diverted into treatment programs have been sent to prison, where they seldom, if ever, received the help they needed to rise above their addictions and become truly productive citizens.

Changes are being proposed in California and Democratic voices need to be heard in ongoing debates about mass incarceration and criminal justice here as well as across the nation.  For too long, we have been silent as our brothers and sisters suffer.

To read background information for the April meeting, please visit the calendar section of the website.  For more information about the Club, contact us at: lwsbdemocraticclub@gmail.com.



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